My fundamental research interests derive from discerning the origin and preservation of signals and disturbances in detrital sedimentary systems. Sediment and sedimentary rocks record information on the dynamics of tectonics, climate, and in modern times, anthropogenic activity that can be teased out in a variety of ways. My research focuses on developing interpretive methods and models, rooted in underlying process and generally employing some component of provenance analysis, to better understand how to find and use this information.


Sickmann UT Research Page

Tectonostratigraphy of offshore Mexico and kinematic and depositional evolution of the Mexican Ridges

Research is part of the the Gulf of Mexico Basin Depositional Synthesis Project (GBDS)

Principle Investigator: Dr. John Snedden

Geospatial Analysis of Modern Sediment Dispersal Systems


Anthropocene Sedimentology


Sediment Mixing and Dispersal Pathways in the Quaternary Gulf of Mexico


Tectonic Evolution of the Southern Andes